The Organist's son

The Organist´s son is a podcast with a focus on mystery, exploring imaginative worlds and survival despite horrible odds.

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Episode 7: The Artist

Monday Jun 22, 2020

Monday Jun 22, 2020

Lindsay forgets more of herself and meets the enigmatic Artist.

Episode 6: The Traveller

Sunday Jun 07, 2020

Sunday Jun 07, 2020

Lindsay has gotten out of the vent, and meets one of the inhabitants of this new world. But something feels wrong, even though she can't quite tell what.

Monday May 25, 2020

Episode 5 of the Organists son
Lindsay tells the story of what happened in the strange world of corridors that she and Flynn entered.

Monday May 11, 2020

An increasingly delirious Lindsay details her final hours in the real world. At last, the door is open. Join her and step across the threshold.

Episode 3: Strike a match

Monday Apr 27, 2020

Monday Apr 27, 2020

The situation is getting dire for Lindsay as she tells the story of her last day home. 

Friday Nov 08, 2019

Episode 2: Introduction to Impossibility
Lindsay continues the story where she left of, as she starts to learn more about Flynn Southard, and begins to qustion her view of reality itself. 

Episode 1: Fated Meetings

Friday Oct 25, 2019

Friday Oct 25, 2019

Episode 1 of the Organist´s son: Fated Meetings
Lindsay Weaver finds herself in a bad situation. She's unlikely to make it out alive. How did things end up like this? 

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